June 1, 2021 Topcoder Sponsoring a New Oil and Gas Podcast: Digital Doers

Oil and Gas Global Network (OGGN) is the world’s largest network of oil and gas podcasts. Topcoder is excited to be sponsoring one of OGGN’s newest shows: Digital Doers. The show features great stories of how people are getting things done with digital inside an industry that can be difficult due to huge physical infrastructure. Amid disruption and movement to green solutions, the digital layer is becoming more and more important to oil and gas. 

Hear Digital Doers host Michael O’Sullivan talk with oil and gas leaders who are moving forward and achieving business value from their digital transformation efforts. Topcoder is featured in the show’s first episode. Check it out and learn more about our customer’s success in the energy industry.

Change is in the air

Energy companies are under pressure to both find ways to keep IT costs down while still being expected to drive digitization initiatives. It’s a tough task. Our energy customers have to approach IT differently and in a more dynamic fashion. There are also persistent talent attraction hurdles leading to too few high-caliber technologists industry-wide.

Digitization delivered

see what lies beneath the surface

Energy + Topcoder Data Science & Analytics

Tapping freelancer skills on-demand gives our utility customers the access to needed skill sets paired with the flexibility to ramp up and down cost-effectively.

They say data is the new oil, and this industry has scores of it—but often lacks the skills to make the data actionable. Our customers benefit from elite data scientists working on their most complex problems, and custom algorithms move the needle.

Right now, there are more than 5 major oil & gas and energy companies on the Topcoder Platform, all driving a tremendous amount of business value. We’re helping to fill skills gaps and overall, provide digital teams the ability to move more swiftly. From PoC to MVP and fully to market, Topcoder is helping energy companies across the globe accelerate digital delivery.

Annika Nagy


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