August 31, 2021 Topcoder Skill Builder Spree

At Topcoder, we are dedicated to helping you grow and learn. As we celebrate our Topcoder Skill Builder Competitions, which began one year ago, we are bringing you a month of bonus prizes plus the commitment to launch a new challenge every month with prizes! Plus you can rely on us to be launching a new Topcoder Skill Builder Competition the first week of every month going forward!

The September Topcoder Skill Builder Spree will include:

  • 9 Topcoder Skill Builder competitions open for the month
  • 4 New advanced challenges on existing Skill Builder competitions with prizes!
  • Topcoder t-shirts and more than $6,000 in prizes
  • Bonus prizes for first time submitters, current gig workers, and gig applicants
  • Prizes for improving your scores on the leaderboard
  • Prizes for gaining new skills

Start by checking out the variety of Topcoder Skill Builder Competitions and begin working and submitting to them. Once you conquer the easy problem, make sure you upskill with the medium and hard problems. We want you to not only learn but to feel confident with the skills you’re learning.

Did you know that being successful in a Topcoder Skill Builder Competition, that skill is verified for you on your Topcoder profile making it easier for you to get a Topcoder gig?

Topcoder Skill Builder competitions are a sure-fire way to be successful at Topcoder through participating in our customer challenges or in getting a gig. They will also help you in your professional life to show proof that you have coding skills. Don’t miss this opportunity to build your development skillset and triumph at Topcoder.

Above the prizes attached to the new challenges, here are some bonuses for you for September 1 – 30, 2021.

T-shirt for EveryoneEvery successful submitter on any Skill Builder Competition gets a Topcoder t-shirt. 
First Time Submitter The initial 50 successful submitters on any of the Skill Builder Competitions get $50 as a bonus if it’s your first submission on a Topcoder challenge.
Gig Work BonusCurrent gig workers or gig work applicants will receive a $50 bonus for every successful submission on any of the Skill Builder Competitions.
AlefEdge Skill Builder BonusIf you successfully submit in any Topcoder Skill Builder Competition plus participate successfully in the AlefEdge Skill Builder Competition, the first 50 members will earn an additional $100 bonus.
Multiple Skill Builder SubmissionsThe more you participate, the more you earn. There are 9 Skill Builder Competitions and we’ll double your September bonus prizes if you successfully submit to all of them.

*Bonus prizes will only be eligible for those that get 75% (1312 / 1750 points) or higher score on the Topcoder Skill Builder/s Competition and only during September 1 – 30, 2021.

*If you have already participated in a Skill Builder, you can improve your scores and become eligible for the t-shirt.

Did you know

  • If you applied for a Topcoder Gig
  • Submit to a Topcoder Skill Builder
  • Submit to the AlefEdge Skill Builder Competition as your first Topcoder challenge

You would get a $50 first time submitter bonus + $50 Gig Work bonus + $100 bonus + a Topcoder t-shirt + AlefEdge t-shirt?


Here are the links to existing Skill Builders, Advance Challenges, and net new Skill Builders with exciting prizes.

New Skill Builder: Flutter! With $1,500 in prizes

Existing Skill Builders: Angular | React | Java+PostGresSQL | Salesforce | Appium | GoLang | EdgeNet Skill Builder | Figma

New Advance Challenges: Angular Advance Challenge | Java+PostgreSQL Advance Challenge | Golang Advance Challenge | Cloud Native Ideation Challenge with $4,500 in prizes

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