June 24, 2019 Topcoder Quality-as-a-Service Part 4: Mobile App Testing

This is part 4 in our 7-part Quality-as-a-Service series. We’ve already covered automated testing, structured regression testing, and structured test case designs. Now, let’s take a closer look at mobile app testing!

Applications have become critical drivers of success for product and services companies. Last year, there were 194 billion apps downloaded. And, the average smartphone owner in the U.S. has over 100 apps on their device.

This incredible app consumption has positioned apps as a major value proposition for businesses. But, when users are going to consume over 50% of your content on your app, you need to make sure it adequately works.

Any issues baked into your application can disrupt the user experience and cause users to disengage completely with your brand. So, before (and after) you launch your latest application or app update, you need to thoroughly test the app for issues.

But, when you’re handling a large app, that process can take time. You have to hire and train users, find ways to subject them all to unique conditions, and find the time to log all of those issues adequately.

Today, we’re going to talk about how Topcoder can help you test your apps rapidly and at-scale.

Understanding Mobile App Testing

Quality assurance has become a pillar of value. As businesses look towards more agile methods of development, launch times are growing in speed and regularity. With all of these apps launching rapidly, brands need the peace-of-mind and increased usability that comes from testing. Mobile app testing is the process of testing apps for bugs, security issues, usability, etc. before or after launch.

Sure, that sounds simple. However, unpack that definition and you’ll find endless nuance. For example, how do you test an app at-scale with a small team? How do you consistently test apps in different environments — both technical (e.g., testing across multiple devices, etc.) and geolocational (e.g., to test localization issues, etc.)? And, is there a way to test the plethora of apps that your business develops in a cost-effective manner?

How Topcoder Can Help

Imagine having access to a team of testers that spans the globe. Now, imagine that you don’t have to onboard them, train them, or integrate them into your organization at any level. Finally, imagine this team of hypothetical testers includes experts who understand the principles that guide design as well as the technical components that make it useful.

Ready for the kicker? That team exists! And they’re on Topcoder. With Topcoder’s crowdsourcing solution, you can access thousands of testers across the globe to test your mobile apps for issues at any time and place. So, if you’re pushing out a new update, we’re here. Thinking about launching a new app? We’ve got your back.

What does this look like?

Award Winning Risk Assessment Application Example

Topcoder was approached by a company that develops an award-winning risk assessment app for businesses. The app gives businesses a look into their employee risk factors, liabilities, and even backs it all up with a Hazard Risk Analysis.

This app was a core component of this company’s value proposition and vision — so ensuring that it had incredible usability and UX/UI design was critical for this insurance company.

With Topcoder, they were able to test their iOS app across both iPhones and iPads spanning multiple generations (9 total devices combinations) and at multiple locations (8 different countries) for a fraction of the cost of onboarding testers. The Topcoder QA engineers tested the app for UI/UX issues and logged and reported any issues to the company. With the help of 60 testers, the project reached completion in just a matter of weeks!

In the end, Topcoder’s team uncovered 113 unique issues — including functional issues, UI/UX issues, and a list of suggestions and related errors.

Not only did this company receive comprehensive UI and UX testing, but they received results rapidly and were able to institute changes methodically and on schedule.

Final Thoughts

There’s no excuse for mobile app testing to devour your time or cause endless headaches. With the right combination of outstanding top-level communication and a rich team of professional QA engineers, any business can assess their application at-scale. Topcoder’s crowdsourcing solution combines incredible value with low-level commitment.

Want to learn more about how Topcoder provides mobile app testing at scale? Contact us if you’re ready to test your next app or update!


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