February 4, 2021 Topcoder Platform Roadmap: 2020 Recap and a Look Into 2021

See how we’re growing the Topcoder machinery and technology that supports it—the Topcoder platform. We introduced new features in 2020 to help customers create work faster, collaborate more easily with freelancers, and access relevant project information more seamlessly.

Ariel Shields—Director, Platform—gave an update her team’s work at the 2020 Topcoder Innovation Awards, and previewed the exciting developments in store for 2021. Check out the most important updates and features we’ve made to improve your experience, and get a sneak peek at the future vision for Topcoder’s platform.

Velocity and Resiliency: Looking Back at 2020

Topcoder began 2020 with a focus on velocity, working to deliver information between clients and community members as quickly as possible. Like most companies, Topcoder also had to add goals around resiliency, helping both clients and the community weather the pandemic and its disruptions. Our work toward these goals included:

  • New onboarding and knowledge management features for community members
  • Work Manager: an improved challenge and task launcher for clients
  • Topcoder eXternal: helping clients integrate existing work management tools directly into the Topcoder platform
  • Automated testing
  • Talent as a Service 

Simplicity: Goals For 2021

Our platform goals for 2021 focus on simplicity, for our clients and our community. Here are a few of the ways we’re working toward simplicity.

  • New Platform Experience: The new platform will include streamlined navigation and a tailored experience for all users.
  • Formalizing TCX: Topcoder eXternal (TCX) will give clients a centralized way to view existing integration options or develop their own.
  • TaaS Experience: We want to provide clients with a more tailored experience, allowing them to more easily manage their candidates and team and provide feedback on their team.
  • Member Experience: Within our TaaS offering, we’re improving the experience for freelancers by making it easier to find work opportunities, track their ongoing work, and receive AI-generated relevant opportunities. 
  • Secure Freelance Experience: We’re working to make the freelance experience more secure, with measures like Open Talent ID, secure virtual development environments, and proof of work.

Our promise to the market is that we’re going to continually be the simplest way for you to work with outstanding talent virtually. We look forward to these exciting developments over the next year, and hopefully getting to meet together in person at TCO 2021.

Annika Nagy

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