September 3, 2020 Topcoder named on Shortlist of Top Gig Economy Platforms for the Enterprise

According to Gartner, 32% of organizations are increasing their use of contingent workers during the pandemic. Work has changed, and we’re helping enterprises answer the talent shortage. Adopting a blended workforce that includes FTEs, contractors, and on-demand talent (aka crowd) helps enterprises be more agile, efficient, innovative, diverse, and resilient.

Recently, Topcoder was recognized by Constellation Research and shortlisted as one of ten top Gig Economy Platforms for the Enterprise. Constellation is a tech and research firm based in Silicon Valley, and this ShortList showcases brands capable of delivering mature gig platforms for enterprises looking to scale projects, promote IT agility, and deliver a “newer, richer, nimbler form of employment.”


Constellation named Topcoder as one of ten “Solutions to Know”. Per the research firm, these platforms “enable dynamic, on-demand employment relationships between businesses and workers.” ShortList criteria included:

  • Portfolio management across gigs for workers and teams/employers — including risk management and customer success services
  • Responsive user experience and mobile apps
  • Analytics/metrics/dashboards/visualizations of gig work and projects
  • Security

answering the talent shortage with on demand talent

The 10 companies chosen by Constellation Research “stay closely involved during the gig itself, handle many of the matching, transaction, tracking, communications, and payment details for each of the respective parties.”

At Topcoder, this happens on multiple layers. We offer Topcoder copilots and project managers who guide customers through the entire project process. Our copilots coordinate with stakeholders, update admins about project requirements, answer queries from competitors and reviewers, and act as a day-to-day liaison between clients and the “crowd.”

IP is incredibly important and security is built into Topcoder’s platform and processes. We’ve been doing this since 2001 and we’ve worked in data sensitive industries like healthcare, banking, cybersecurity, and the public sector.

“Topcoder is a bridge between IT talent and the enterprises that need them most with a fast, scalable, flexible outcome-based model.” — Mike Morris, CEO at Topcoder

According to Constellation, “effective gig economy platforms for the enterprise also have analytics to track work progress over time, provide useful insights to improve quality of work.” Topcoder provides native GPU support, the ability to develop advanced analytic solutions with nearly any tool, library, or cloud app service, and best-in-class project reporting tools with visualizations.

Going Above and Beyond Gig Economy Platforms for Enterprises

We are incredibly honored to be recognized by Constellation Research as one of the top 10 gig economy platforms for the enterprise. Our experience, combined with our world class platform and talent community, helps us create exceptional on-demand talent solutions for enterprises looking to scale their projects, blend their workforce, and embrace a more agile way of working.

Download the Constellation ShortList here.

Alexa Baray

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