May 10, 2016 Topcoder Monthly: The Community Video Newsletter – May 2016

May I start by saying… We love May! Who doesn’t right? The sites… the sounds… even the smells of May activate our olfactories like nothing else. As large portions of the globe seasonally warm-up to the gentle embrace of spring in full swing, so too does the amazing activity in the Topcoder Community!

This month’s Topcoder Monthly Video Newsletter will delight you with 1 millions smiles, incredible Topcoder Open (TCO) news, a new blog from an ‘old’ Topcoder favorite, and a new challenge series you will not want to miss!

So, take a sweet breath of May deep into your lungs and enjoy Topcoder evangelist Nick Castillo as he details for us as only he can, what this a-May-zing month holds for you, our Topcoder community.

Top Design & Development Segments You Won’t Want to Miss:

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise Living Progress Topcoder Blitz – 100+ design and dev challenges with around $37,000 in bonus payouts – Yes Please!
  • Did someone say TCO Beijing !!! – Oh, indeed we did
  • Ever popular Topcoder member Mahestro drops a fun and useful blog for all you Noobs – check it out here

Till next month Topcoders! May May be your best month ever. Good luck and have fun learning and competing.


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