March 7, 2016 Topcoder Monthly: The Community Video Newsletter – March 2016

As the old saying goes… March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb. And as much as we love old sayings at Topcoder, we’re going to instead point to a newer March phrase and describe this upcoming month as nothing short of March madness! We have a ton of great opportunities on Topcoder for you to continue to learn, earn, and have fun while doing it!

This month’s video, starring Topcoder evangelist Nick Castillo, features some amazing new developer challenges, an exciting new customer program called Blitz, and a few outstanding Topcoder Marathon Matches that can literally impact billions of people…. Yes, that’s with a b… billions of people!

OK, get your popcorn ready and enjoy this month’s Topcoder Monthly Video:

Top Segments You Won’t Want to Miss:

  • John Hancock mobile dev challenges – lots of them!
  • Marathon Match Updates – Two incredible data science matches are featured and set to launch soon with prize purses of $15,000 or more!
  • Topcoder Blitz! – Our brand new customer focused challenge series that brings you opportunities to earn even bigger payouts. Who is the first client to use a ‘Blitz’? Watch the video to find out, but here’s a hint, their favorite color is blue!

Till next month Topcoders! May this ‘March madness’ bring you amazing new opportunities to earn, learn, and have a ton of fun while doing it!


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