June 2, 2016 Topcoder Monthly – The Community Video Newsletter – June 2016

June! It makes me think of the classic Lovin’ Spoonful tune Summer in the City. It also just so happens that the June 2016 Topcoder Monthly video has some big news revolving around TCO in the Big Apple later this month!

But hey, we are a global community. So be sure to watch the video below – starring Topcoder community evangelist Nick Castillo – for an update on TCO Beijing as well!

What else does the June Topcoder Monthly video hold in store for you?

  • You spoke, we listened!  Get an update on Topcoder scorecards and how you can play a crucial role in how this crucial evaluation function evolves.
  • HPE LPC: If you don’t know what those letters mean, then you are missing out on an epic Topcoder Blitz, so watch the video.
  • What’s a ‘Build Pack’?  Topcoder developers, you’re going to want to watch the vid to understand how getting started on Topcoder work is about to get even easier.

Enjoy your June, Topcoders! We hope to see you in NYC, Beijing, or wherever in the world TCO is headed next! Stay tuned!!!

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