February 12, 2016 Topcoder Monthly: The Community Video Newsletter – February 2016

In many parts of the world, February is known for its whipping winds, biting cold, and nasty nastyness (might have made that last one up!). But here, inside the Topcoder Monthly video update, things are all warm and fuzzy. Join Topcoder Evangelist Nick Castillo and get all the Topcoder updates that matter to you, wrapped in a snuggly video format we know you’re going to love!

OK, enough of the warm and fuzzies, let’s get down to Topcoder business!!!

This month’s video features some key updates, blazing new segments, and even that image you see below, which for the record, you just can’t un-see.

Top Segments You Won’t Want to Miss:

  • TCO ‘16 Updates with special news for our algorithmists and designers
  • Introducing #mRc, what is #mRc you ask? – watch the video and here’s a hint, the “m” stands for MUST
  • New Fun Challenges! – Our series of fun challenges continues to gain popularity, so check out this month’s batch and dive in (if having a good time is your sort of thing)

Till next month Topcoders! No matter what part of the world you call home, enjoy this February on Topcoder and remember, things are always heating up inside our community!


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