April 4, 2016 Topcoder Monthly: The Community Video Newsletter – April 2016

April!!! Tulips are blooming, birds are chirping, coders are coding… Well I suppose our members are designing and developing every month of the year, but who doesn’t love April, am I right!?

This month’s Topcoder Monthly Video Newsletter, starring Topcoder evangelist Nick Castillo, is chock full of new ways to get connected with your fellow members, new ways to earn more money, and a big announcement happening on the 7th of April.

Drumroll please… it’s time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your Topcoder Monthly video:

Top Design & Development Segments You Won’t Want to Miss:

  • IBM Blitz is On! – Our first Topcoder Blitz is underway which means you’ve got more ways to win, more money… and more is good!
  • Search Up! – Kinda like “Surf’s Up” but for search – well, the video does a great job of explaining how you can use this brand new feature
  • It’s time to Connect! Topcoder Connect that is – enjoy the video to see what this major technology release means for our customers. Hint: We’re making it easier than ever to launch challenges on Topcoder… which means… Hint: We think more and more customers will be launching more and more challenges … which means… Well, you probably get why this is a good thing for you!

Till next month Topcoders! Here’s to hoping April showers you with amazing opportunities to learn and to earn with Topcoder. Thank you for all you do!


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