April 1, 2019 Topcoder Introducing New Prize Structures!

Topcoder has been humming along for many years in a consistent, strategic way. As spring is arriving and the air is full of change, we wanted to make a bigger impact for the coming warm weather and change of season. We will be introducing a new prize structure that will satisfy your needs and your appetite.

As a competitor you might wonder, how will this affect you? Well…hold your breath, we’re going to make life sweeter for everyone!

Designers: We have great news for you. All design challenges are going to give Checkpoint Chocolates instead of cash from now on – we will have the 50 gram bar chocolates instead of the $50 prizes and a praline box instead of the $100 prize from the past.

Developers: For you, it’s even easier to win a chocolate! All you have to do is pass review for any of the challenges you compete on, either Prototype, First2Finish, Development or Quality Assurance and a large chocolate bar will be at your door in no time. Write your code in a clear manner, with no errors, and it’s an easy win for your tummy! 

Algorithm: Working under pressure to code at your best in a short amount of time and without a reward? Not anymore! For all the SRMs and Topcoder Open rounds, we are offering large turtles of chocolate with caramel and whole nuts, for all those who place at the top of their room. Don’t worry, nut free ones are available for those with allergies, so just note that in your profile.

Marathon Matchers: For such long rounds of competition, there’s definitely a need for a pump of excitement and energy! Topcoder awards everyone who has a score over the average with chocolate cupcakes. Get your engine rolling in for the chocolate!

Copilots, screeners, reviewers: You are not left behind on this one! Getting you in shape matters to us and we want to help with some of the pressure you go through  when handling multiple challenges. For any challenge you copilot, screen or review, you will get a big bag of 40 chocolates! You are the winners of the winners here! But pay attention: for every submission you fail screening, or reviewing, or don’t answer forum questions on time, one chocolate will be deducted. Be nice to the competitors!

Admins: You are always here for us, our community and we appreciate this. Chocolates are on your way too – for every member you help or interact with, you will get one large bar of chocolate with the Topcoder logo on it. We’re looking forward to your unconditional support to make things better with the platform and become better competitors ❤️

Important note: All our chocolates will be top quality – Belgian and Swiss, which will be delivered in less than 24 hours with Amazon drones at your door. In the coming months, we’ll even have custom designed chocolates available right from our design challenges.

The members and staff were ecstatic after hearing this news, so we spoke to a couple of them. 

birdofpreyru had just lost 70 kilos by going to the gym and this is what he had to say:”This is great news! I am thrilled and ready to get chubby again. I wanted to get in shape for the summer anyway.”

hmehta: “It’s great to increase my t-shirt size for every TCO  and now Topcoder helps with this! I am a little disappointed that my proposed decision in the council was not accepted: I wanted butter chicken for everyone, why don’t we have that Jessie?! That’s super delicious and I would eat it any time day or night – I could even skip our team meetings for it!”

iamtong: “Hmm…this gets me in trouble now. My two little girls were looking to start competing on design track for a while and win like their daddy, and I had a reason to stop them so far, as they are not 18 years old. But getting chocolates every day from Topcoder for my wins?! I can’t fight that!!! What shall I do from now on – stop competing or allow them to join?!”

ravijune: “I took a break in the last months to relax and enjoy life more, by travelling, having a keto-diet, training and I am proud to say I have got to the ideal body fat now. I am back to work and excited to rock some challenges and I definitely love chocolates. I am going to run on a treadmill and work at the same time!“

TonyJ: “I am thrilled by this new measure! Getting so many bugs reported daily by members and helping everyone, assures me a ton of chocolates and I am  always dying for it. I am wondering now – shall I still try to fix the platform? As there’s never enough chocolate in my house. ”

jmpld40: “I’m most excited about getting to run design challenges to design the chocolates we’re handing out. Custom chocolate designs are really cool and I think members will get a kick out of eating the chocolate they create. Money is so overrated – chocolate is the best!

mahestro: “Whoaa! I am so excited about this! For the short term, this is a great measure, but for the long term I am sad to hear about it – I was trying to keep everyone at Topcoder fit by training them. But you know me, folks, I am easily adaptable and excited to manage challenges, people, anything! I have a solution for this – I am going to have everyone do handstands to get the chocolate out of their system fast.”

Ready, set, go! Share the news with all your friends who were hesitating to join the Topcoder platform.


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