June 11, 2020 How Topcoder is Helping T-Mobile Increase Bandwidth, Scale Projects, and Track Pets

T-Mobile is busy. From their cutting-edge T-Mobile Tuesday initiative to their new SyncUP PETS app, T-Mobile’s development team is constantly innovating projects that help them stay competitive and customer-centric with technology. Like many companies that are ramping up their project launches and software development lifecycles to accommodate an increasingly tech-hungry userbase, T-Mobile has partnered with Topcoder to help them innovate, develop, and design projects at scale.

Recently, T-Mobile came to Topcoder to design and develop a pet tracking app called SyncUP PETS. This new app lets users track and monitor their pets using GPS. We sat down with Bhanu Mullapudi—Senior Manager for IoT Software at T-Mobile—to discuss why T-Mobile chose to work with Topcoder and what kinds of benefits the Topcoder platform provides to large organizations looking for more flexibility, scale, and resolve for their tech launches.


T-Mobile is always trying to reach new markets with new compelling services or offerings. A great example of how Topcoder enabled this is with the SyncUP PETS app. This product combines a small tracking device placed on a pet which integrates with a native mobile application to help owners track their location and activity levels. Advanced features like geofencing provide not only fun but impactful capabilities that make a difference in their users’ lives. Topcoder helped T-Mobile with coding and design for various parts of the app.

Here are some designs from the application:

Topcoder Benefits to T-Mobile:

  • Instant access to iOS design & dev capabilities enable rapid, iterative approach to application and its capabilities.
  • Scalability of Topcoder allowed the parallel build of a IoT simulation app to enable external development & reduce integration efforts.

With the new app, we’re helping T-mobile launch new services and thus new markets. We’re helping T-Mobile provide more value to their customers, and furthering their offerings to attract and grow. The SyncUP PETS app allows them to further differentiate themselves and aligns with their Un-Carrier Story.

“Topcoder for me is adding instant bandwidth and capacity to my team without spending weeks and weeks.” — Bhanu Mullapudi


The video below highlights how T-Mobile has used Topcoder to launch multiple initiatives over the past few years. Like many businesses looking to leverage the power and connectivity of IoT, T-Mobile’s IoT team is busy launching amazing projects for their now (since their Sprint merger) 100 million-plus customers.

“The quality at Topcoder was top notch…. Topcoder can go as deep as you want or as light as you want per your specifications”

Bhanu Mullapudi

While it may be easy to think that large organizations like T-Mobile, Microsoft, and Macy’s have the inner depth and scale to tackle projects solo, we find innovative Fortune 500 companies are always looking for ways to launch faster and maximize their development outputs. For T-Mobile, Topcoder delivers the scale they need to increase their in-house teams’ productivity and throughput.

“Topcoder helps my team deliver better code, faster.” — Kendrick Burson, Principle Engineer, CSM, CSPO Next-Gen UI for T-Mobile

Are You Ready to Innovate?

Is your large organization, public entity, or small company looking to create technology smarter and faster than ever before? Like Kendrick Burson from T-Mobile says, “If one brain is good, and two brains are better, how good is 1.3 million brains?” Topcoder brings scale to your development team.  Contact us to start your next project.

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