February 28, 2021 Topcoder + Headspin University Partnership: Get Appium and Selenium Certified!

Today we are excited to share an amazing certification opportunity for Topcoder members as we announce our Topcoder + Headspin University partnership! HeadSpin University has just released a massive self-paced learning course called Appium and Selenium Fundamentals, which is designed to teach you everything you need to know to become a proficient UI test automation engineer. Taught by industry expert and Appium’s lead developer Jonathan Lipps, this 20+ hour video course assumes no existing knowledge or experience, and covers everything from Python programming basics to more advanced topics like test suite refactoring or running Appium tests at high scale. 

When you take the course, you’ll experience a totally new type of online learning that involves participation in real-time chat with your colleagues and instructors and using cloud-based devices and browsers as a way to prove your skills in hands-on challenges. When you pass all the course challenges you’ll be granted a certification that shows you’ve mastered some useful and difficult concepts in real, hands-on scenarios–not just multiple choice quizzes! So whether you’re completely new to test automation or are a seasoned QA Engineer who just wants to dive into advanced topics and get certified, the HeadSpin University Appium and Selenium Fundamentals course will be a great experience!

As a Topcoder member, you will receive a discounted rate (25% off) when signing up for the Appium and Selenium Fundamentals certification. Just use coupon code “TOPCODER25” during checkout (this code will be valid through March 31, 2021). We will be giving away 25 free certifications to our Topcoder Appium Community members who have been working hard and learning Appium over the past few months with the Topcoder Appium Skill Builder Challenges. 

We are also announcing a cross-platform experience where you can earn the Headspin Appium Verified Skill on Topcoder and input your Topcoder username at Headspin University as part of the certification process to be awarded the Topcoder + Headspin University Certification Badge. 

At Topcoder we are always looking to provide Topcoder Members with new and exciting opportunities, challenges, skill-building, gigs and ways to get certified. I hope you take advantage of this opportunity and also have fun learning all that Headspin University has to offer.

Register now at Headspin University and don’t forget to use the “TOPCODER25” code to get your 25% off.

VP, Community

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