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Topcoder Connect Officially Released!

By tonyj In Marketplace Updates

Posted April 8th, 2016

Yesterday we officially released Topcoder Connect, a new web app that brings Topcoder customers and community members together to turn ideas into beautiful design concepts, clickable prototypes, and production applications. And we couldn’t be more excited.

With Topcoder Connect, customers can quickly define requirements, approve estimates, and launch projects—even with no prior crowdsourcing experience. Connect also makes it easy to track the progress of projects, collaborate with Topcoder Community members, review work, and receive final deliverables.

If you’re a Topcoder customer, or if you’re considering leveraging the power of crowdsourcing to get more work done faster, schedule a live demo to learn how Connect guides you from initial requirements to final deliverables with a simple, intuitive interface.

If you’re a Topcoder Community member, check out the new Connect section in the Help Center for more information about how to work on projects launched through Connect. And as always, if you have questions or feedback, please let us know in the Topcoder Connect forum!