Topcoder Community Release v1.0.20

Below are some recent updates to the platform that we wanted to share with the community. We’ll be posting updates on a more regular basis on this blog as well as give some previews into some upcoming features and fixes.

Feature Enhancements

– Added volatility to the top-line SRM stats on Profile pages


– Added some more missing icons for profile skills

– Improvements to make the width of Edit Profile sections consistent

– Added link to getting started guide from the dashboard page

– Removed link/image to Studio Forums from main forum page



– Fixed some inconsistencies with how placements and wins displayed for F2F challenges

– Fixed broken show password checkbox on Edit Profile

– Fixed a problem loading challenges and with back button

– Added reliability detail link from profiles


– Cleaned up some misc. skill picker issues

– Cleaned up formatting issue on the ‘Create Password’ text on the sign up page

– Fixed issue that prevented linking to StackOverflow accounts


Coming Up

In the next couple of weeks we will be pushing a beta version of  new design submission pages. We’ll start testing in a controlled fashion before replacing the existing submission pages. However, the new page is intended to significantly reduce (and hopefully eliminate) the recurring upload issues we all encounter when submitting to design challenge. We will also release some more fixes to the profiles and challenge pages that have been hindering the user experience for members.