April 19, 2018 TopcoderLand – Meet The Admins

Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland is perhaps one of the most widely recognized books that has ever been written. Alice meets amusing characters who help her grow, learn, and be curious. Alas, it all turns out to be a dream! You might or might not have read about her adventures in Wonderland. However, here’s all you need to know about the Team to make your Topcoder dream more real!

Jessie D’Amato Ford – TCO Queen
Jessie has literally seen the community grow from infancy for the last 13 years. She treats the community like a second family (a rather gigantic one!) and is happy to help members in any way she can.
You’ll probably hear her say ‘Off to TCO’ more often, than the Queen Of Hearts screamed ‘Off with his head’!  
From the Queen’s Court:
“I LOVE the community and the family it has been to me since 2005! I run all things related to community and the Topcoder Open (TCO) while working from my home office aka the playroom with my young daughter and son. My genuine love and respect for the community makes me a fierce ally for all and I am happy to help any member as much as I can.”
Nick Castillo – Evangelist Rabbit
Alice looks up to the White Rabbit when in trouble. He guides her through the maze that is Wonderland. Likewise, Nick is your go-to man for all the lastest news, updates, and happenings within the community.
Nick is also the community facilitator and keeps things fun. You might just find him at the TCO finals fidgeting over getting the winner handles right.
From the Rabbit’s Hole:
“I don’t rest until I know everyone is having fun in one way or another! Work hard, Play hard, and I’ll see you in the forums.”
Harshit MehtaHatter At Large
Life is a (tea) party with this guy around! And if you are wondering about the Hatter reference, well do a bit of research on your own!
Harshit has been instrumental in expanding and nurturing the community over the last 3 years. Initially put in charge of growing community numbers in India, he now travels to all the TCO regionals to ensure things are running on time and smoothly.
From the Hatter’s Table:
“I am the one stop destination for all your queries! My task is to keep the community alive and kicking, so to say! I love to learn about new and emerging  technologies, and engage with developers and techies worldwide. And if you are a SRM worshipper, well you have earned yourself a fan!”
Shashank Khatri –  Tech Cheshire 
Alice meets a Cheshire Cat – sitting on a tree – who always grins and lends her a patient ear.  That’s the feeling you get with Shashank!
When not hopping around universities in India to meet and/or train developers, Shashank can be found sipping on green coffee and scratching his beard learning new technologies.
From the Cheshire’s Tree:
“I spend most of my day researching latest tech with an objective to ramp-up challenge participation from community members. If you have taken part in the dev fun challenges, chances are they were launched by yours truly. If you think you have some ideas we can work on, get in touch. I would love to hear from you guys!”
Gargi Sengupta – Turtle Tattler
The Mock Turtle likes to tell his story to Alice. Gargi, however, likes to tattle on about community stories and events. Last to join the team (as of today), she likes to engage with members and figure out ways to give brand Topcoder more visibility.
From the Tattler’s Shell
“I like to tell stories and the community gives me a lot of opportunities to dig out as many as I want! Plus, considering I can’t quite say I am well-versed with tech, Topcoder helps me expand my knowledge-base better than any amount of passive reading can. Feel free to get in touch, if you want help with something that needs a Turtle touch!”
Wait…but who is Alice then??
Well, it’s you…all our members!!
So these are the core TopcoderLand people or community team that you need to know.



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