April 30, 2020 Enterprise Success – How Topcoder is Helping BT Disrupt Networking

The Innovation Awards ceremony at TCO2019 recognized clients who are using Topcoder to deliver cutting edge solutions in technology to get something truly challenging done. One such innovator is Ravi Chandran of BT Group. BT is the largest telecommunications service provider in the UK. We sat down with Ravi to discuss how BT leverages on-demand talent to execute faster and build new ways of working.

How BT uses Topcoder to execute faster

Topcoder has helped BT disrupt networking as well as their entire talent model. Ravi says that Topcoder’s ability to match their disruptive expectations is part of the driving force behind their continued faith in the platform. Ravi and his team are responsible for a variety of network-related projects at BT, and they’ve been using Topcoder to help them achieve success with NetOps (a DevOps-like SDLC strategy for networking) at scale.

Part of their NetOps model is finding ways to breed self-efficiency into their networking lifecycle. BT wants its employees to require less intervention from software engineers on day-to-day projects. Topcoder and BT have teamed up to accomplish multiple projects in the NetOps space — including the Next-Gen Network Management Visualization 3D Render Challenge.

what does topcoder bring to bt?

Ravi identified three key value-adds:

  1. Faster Execution: With on-demand talent, Ravi and his team can write project descriptions and get results from many different niche experts within a few days or weeks, compared to traditional models.
  2. Quality of Output: Anytime you’re dealing with cutting-edge solutions, you’ll run into talent gaps. Ravi is able to leverage niche talent from the Topcoder community to execute on hyper-specific projects.
  3. Cost Efficiency: Given the current skills shortage (83% of HR professionals have difficulty finding skilled workers in today’s market) and the cost of hiring a new employee (minimum of $15,000), Topcoder offers BT an economical solution for finding niche talent at scale.

“The best part is the way Topcoder delivers in a short span of time.”

— Ravi Chandran

Do you have projects that require niche skills? Contact us. Let’s create tangible results, together.

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