June 21, 2011 Tongal – "where the best ideas find the best filmmakers"

Here at CloudSpokes, we’re obviously a huge fan of the crowdsourcing model, and like to stay in-touch and keep tabs on some of our favorite crowdsourcing teams. One of them is Tongal. Tongal bridges the gap between creative people around the world and the businesses that need them. A brilliant concept, if we do say so ourselves…

Tongal uses crowdsourcing to help generate content (instructional video, ads, music videos, print campaigns, slogans etc.) by connecting businesses and organizations with creative people around the world.  Their platform serves as a place for all to participate in the creative process, and encourages a grassroots approach to marketing.

That’s why we kicked off our own video contest a few weeks ago with the the amazing team behind the scenes at Tongal. Our goal – create a great video explaining CloudSpokes – quite simple. The task at hand – actually explaining CloudSpokes / Cloud / Crowdsourcing / Developer Community & Marketplace in under 60 seconds – not quite as simple!

You can therefore imagine our excitement at seeing the initial results of this contest as the final phases draw near. We are absolutely thrilled with the results, and hope you’ll appreciate the creativity and simple brilliance the top animators brought to the project to elegantly help us explain CloudSpokes. We chose four finalists from the pitch submissions, and then picked one winner from the four finalists. We’ll be posting the three finalists here on the blog this week, and then launching the final video on CloudSpokes to help new users learn more.

Our first video finalist is Jung Been Kim‘s submission from Los Angeles, CA:

We’ll be posting the other three top videos to the blog this week, so stay tuned!

For more information about Tongal, check out the video that they themselves use to help explain their own platform:

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