March 8, 2019 The Topcoder Queen

Every woman is a queen and has the power to change the world. We have one such queen at Topcoder that women can always look up to – Jessie!  Jessie manages the Topcoder Community Team, the blogs, newsletters, working on the revamping of the site, and putting together the amazing TCO Finals along with the related regional events. She is definitely one of Topcoder’s pillars. Besides all that, she is a mom of two as well!
Her excitement when working is contagious, she is a professional at what she does, and she always pays attention to the details and cares about the members, their concerns about the platform, and TCOs.
Jessie is supportive of any competitor trying to reach their dreams on Topcoder, either by becoming a better designer, developer, or data scientist or just to attend TCO and become a champion.
The best part for her is meeting everyone at TCO as she becomes friends and family with them and also gets the chance to learn more about their country and culture. Every year she does her best to make the TCO a once in a lifetime experience for every attendee, from helping them with their VISA, to planning the welcome reception, arena layout and decoration, booking hotels and more – she’s got it!

I don’t know what kind of coffee she drinks, but I need to find it right away!  Jessie has this never ending energy that she puts to good use. Trust me, I have meetings with her almost every day and when she shares her screen you will not believe the number of tabs she has open!  She is always willing to assist whenever needed and her passion for the Topcoder Community is unrivaled. Has it been mentioned that she does all of this with two kids? She’s amazing.

Oh yes and don’t forget, she’d do anything to have a real unicorn!

Years ago, In my very first TCO experience, All the questions related to TCO I asked to other admin or staff were always ended up with “That’s a Jessie Questions :)”. When I met Jessie for the first time among other TCO finalists, She hugged us like a family member. The way she treated us and the joy on her face when she sees us made to US answer all the questions about the hard work she put on her shoulder for TCO.

Now by having some opportunities as videographer for TCO, I had more chances to work closely together, discuss ideas and even sit down and ask any question exclusively to her. Trust me, she works harder for the community than you think and you will be more realized how amazing this woman was. One and the only woman in the world who manage such things! Jessie, is one my biggest inspiration to give to best for the community.

Thanks Jessie!



“Working with Jessie is full of adventure. Every second of the day I get a new challenge/idea to work on. It’s not always direct so I have learned to observe & then try to understand what I’m supposed to do. There are plenty of things I have learned by sending emails to her, sending direct messages on Slack, and posting questions in the private or public Slack channels.
Thank you for working with us and making Topcoder a place where everyone can belong, innovate and become a Topcoder Open Champion

“Jessie is a model for me as a woman. She can truly handle a family with two kids, take care of the Topcoder community, and organize TCO every year. Not only does she do that, but her energy and excitement when working with her are amazing and contagious. Between a thousand calls a day she still comes with lots of ideas to improve things for the community and still has time to listen to my suggestions and give feedback. Thanks for being awesome!”

I’d say she is definitely a pillar of the Topcoder community. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned from this lovely angel – whom earthlings dare to call “Jessie” – is the willingness to unselfishly help others, practical strangers. It is such a noble attribute and hard to find. Witnessing how someone is able to empathise that much with people she barely knows, caring so deeply about others’ well-being that really makes me want to slap myself when I remember I was too selfish to share a cookie with a friend, someone I do know.
I’m always amazed by her capacity to multitask as I haven’t seen anyone who does this better than her – not just in her professional life like running the Topcoder community and TCOs (I’m short on the list), add two kids to the formula! I would run amok if I had to do all that. On this planet there are people who can’t get things done, and then there’s Jessie – period.

Jessie, in the simplest of words is the backbone of the Topcoder Community. She knows the community in and out. In the same moment you can see her taking care of community, different tasks, brewing creative ideas for community and of course her kids :D. Even with all that going on she makes an extra effort to make sure members feel at home. It is hard to manage such a huge community, but I have never ever seen her getting tired even. In fact she is always passionate to do something for the community. Also, with these so many things she super organized and planned. I had the privilege to work with her during TCOs and was stunned to see how she plans and organizes the things.
I started my Topcoder admin journey in her guidance. The inner instinct we have in the community team to love and do for the community is all because of her. She has been a great manager and an amazing guide I can always look upon to.
Thanks Jessie and being Jessie! 🙂

Hard working, dedicated and passionate, the community would not be the same without her. We love you Jessie!


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