December 11, 2018 The Top 10 Community Blog Posts from 2018

It’s been a jam packed year at Topcoder. The community blog has been hopping all year round with some amazing content. I’d like to take a minute to extend my gratitude to our dedicated team of bloggers at Topcoder.

They come up with the plan, the posts, the scheduling, etc. We wouldn’t have a great blog without our community. Special thanks to DaraK and quesks for all the behind the scenes work they do to make the blog tick.

I have loved reading all the blog posts and now as the end of the year is upon us, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite reads throughout the year. You can always read all community blog posts here. I encourage you to reach out to me directly if you ever want to contribute to the Topcoder blog. If you have a story to tell, a tip to share, or have insight in the latest trends in the industry, we want you to share.

The Top 10 Community Blog Posts from 2018

Starting Off With Algorithm To Becoming Design Champion, Meet kharm!

I am from Tangerang, Indonesia. I’m 28 years old and I studied Computer Science from Binus University. And I don’t belong to Team Apple, Team Dog, Team Nike, or Team Mercedes… read more

Using Meaningful Typography in Your Design

Typography is the art of arranging type with the aim to make your design look aesthetically appealing and easy to read. Typography itself is an art and it represents 90% of the design, it helps support your brand and convey your message… read more

Topcoder Development Challenges – Decoding A Reviewer’s Mindset

While all Topcoder tracks – design, development and algorithms have a fierce competitor pool and cut-throat competition, the number of development ‘code’ challenges launched on a weekly basis outweighs the others by sheer volume… read more.

Mid-Year Topcoder Community Update with a Look Ahead to TCO19

February seems like a long time ago, as we’re almost in August. On Valentine’s Day, per tradition, we shared our 2018 State of the Community… read more.

The 5 Best Resources for Mobile Developers

Apps are big, screens are small and life as we know it is on its head again. Mobile apps play a vital role in a world that’s increasingly social and open, and have changed from the focus from what’s on the Web, to the apps on our mobile devices. Mobile apps are no longer an option, they are imperative… read more.

From Idea to MVP – Topcoder Mobile Development Process Demystified

I’ve had the good fortune of copiloting some amazing Topcoder projects over the last 5 years. Although it’s been a varied mix of diverse technologies, I’ve absolutely loved working on mobile projects building some fantastic Android and iOS apps for several customers… read more.

Road to TCO18 Finals: Stories Worth Knowing From 2018 Regional Events

The TCO18 Finals are less than a couple of months away. However, we have some great stories to share from our regionals this year. Regionals are what pave the way for the Finals. So without further ado, here are some great stories from the 2018 Regionals starting with… read more.

A Problem Writing Journey

I started problem writing in the summer of 2014. It was the summer before my senior year at university, and I had an internship in Palo Alto. I had trouble adjusting to work since it was my first experience in industry… read more.

Highlighting the Women Behind Competitive Coding and Design

Every year, Topcoder holds the Topcoder Open (TCO), our biggest live in-person coding and design competition. And this year, it’s in Dallas, Texas — birthplace of the frozen margarita machine and home to an airport larger than the island of Manhattan… read more.

From Community To Corporate: Members Becoming Topcoder Employees

The early 2000s were heady times for young techies in the Indian subcontinent. Big cities were fast becoming IT hubs and thousands of jobs were being generated. Smaller cities, however, were not in the fray of this IT boom… read more.

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