July 16, 2021 The Technology of Modern Talent Acquisition with Kelly’s Tim Proehm

Every week on the Uprisor podcast, we talk with enterprise leaders and futurists about how work is changing. This week, Topcoder VP Clinton Bonner spoke with future of work expert Tim Proehm. As VP of Digital Product Architecture at Kelly®, Tim is using technologies like AI, analytics, blockchain, RPA, and chat bot automation to create the next-generation of talent attraction models.

The two discuss the shifting power dynamics in the labor market, how enterprises should approach total talent management, and the technologies Tim is most excited about. Enjoy the conversation.

mega-trends in the Post-covid talent market

Clinton and Tim kick off their conversation by addressing the elephant in the room: will employees be forced to return to the office? 

Many organizations want people back at the office. At the same time, there’s a huge uptick in hiring demand coupled with a massive talent retention problem. Tim posits that employees have glimpsed the freedom that remote work provides, and are using the economic rebound as an opportunity to find new positions with more flexibility and higher pay. Clinton likens the employee upper-hand to the seller’s advantage in today’s housing market.

Tim believes that the biggest drivers of demand in the gig economy won’t be the employees, but rather a shift in organizational focus to outcome-based delivery driven by internal appeals from the business. Realistically, a lot of organizations realize that work can be delivered from anywhere. Tim says that COVID has been a catalyst in eroding outdated perceptions about how work gets done.

“A lot of organizations will have problems if they continue to demand people come back. I think that’s one of the big mega trends that I’m seeing right now in the market.” —Tim Proehm

Who should own enterprise talent strategy?

Next, the two discuss the importance of strategically using contingent workers rather than employing them only in reactionary circumstances. 

Tim explains that while contract talent are often still perceived as commodities, the industry needs to evolve this view to gain the most value from these workers. Aware that most organizations are likely working on budgets and staffing plans for the next fiscal year right now, Tim suggests considering on-demand talent from a strategic place:

  • What is the ideal labor mix for the business?
  • Does it make sense for the entire team to be 100% employed?
  • Could you function more optimally with 70% full-time employees and the rest as contingent workers? 

“The big driver for demand for gig work is coming from the actual business. It’s not necessarily HR; it’s not necessarily procurement. It’s the manager of the IT team lead that needs to get something done.” – Tim Proehm

technologies to watch

Wrapping up, Clinton asked Tim to talk about what he’s most excited about in future work technology. His top picks were:

  1. Automation – can take over repetitive, low-value tasks and free workers up to perform more high-value tasks
  2. Blockchain – provides an opportunity for skill-set credentialing in the blue-collar space, which will help to drive employment opportunities and increase income potential
  3. Citizen developer platforms – allows for faster innovation and greater creativity by providing individuals with even basic knowledge the tools to create organizational solutions 

Tim also shared his excitement for Kelly®’s upcoming projects, OCG Boost, a recruiter-less hiring solution for full-time talent, and Helix UX, a comprehensive talent management tool.

Thank you to Tim Preohm for taking the time to share your insights and predictions with us. As always, check out the Uprisor podcast for more great future of work conversations.

“Technology will define the talent industry for the next 20 years.” – Tim Proehm

Annika Nagy


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