March 19, 2020 The Passion Economy is the Future of Work

By Michael Morris, CEO, Topcoder / Global Head of Crowdsourcing, Wipro

Towards the bottom of the post is a documentary you will want to watch and share.

The way we work is changing. In this era of the Passion Economy, talented individuals can choose the projects they work on, and opt for work that matters to them. Regardless of location, gender, formal education, or other traditional barriers to opportunity, meaningful work is available to those willing to step up and step into this future of work.

In this new passion economy, talent streams in from all corners of the globe, and the erosion of traditional barriers to entry means that opportunity is more democratized than ever before. This is a good thing. And in my experience, good things beget more good things.

At Topcoder, we routinely hear from members of our global community just how much new work opportunities matter to them. By extending opportunity to all, our members experience additional freedoms that improve their lives. And though we view ourselves as leaders in on-demand talent, Topcoder is a part of a much greater movement, powered by technology platforms that provide opportunity to passionate individuals. My belief is that the majority of humanity stands to benefit in this future of work.

Talent in the Passion Economy has the:

  • Freedom to work on what matters to them. 
  • Freedom to improve their personal economics more swiftly.
  • Freedom to live where they want to live, even if that means living nowhere and everywhere as a digital nomad.
  • Freedom to learn what they want to learn. 
  • Freedom to network and connect with amazing individuals inside a trusted community. 
  • Freedom to compete, fail, and succeed.
  • Freedom to more fully shape their own life. 

Going forward, individual passion and drive are paramount. With that, the wave of opportunity to succeed in this new economy has never had more potential energy. Those who learn how to harness this energy will be the new champions. They will have great success.

This success won’t be handed to you. But the potential to ride this new wave of opportunity is there if you’re willing to take it. 

The documentary below follows five individuals who seized that opportunity—who were determined to improve their own lives, follow their passions and chart new paths forward. These inspiring Topcoder community members beautifully represent the Passion Economy and the untapped potential in the future of work.  Enjoy. 

I want to personally thank our inspiring members who represented our community and themselves beautifully. Thank you for sharing your story and for helping Topcoder thrive. 

Viktória  Pere – PereViki

Dr. Sergey Pogodin – birdofpreyru

Scott Wu – scott_wu

Nithya Kalyani Jayakumar – nithyaasworld

Thomas Kranitsas – thomaskranitsas

And one more thank you is due to our amazing cinematographers, Cendhika and Ferita who are also fantastic members of our Topcoder community and amazing filmmakers. 

To the entire Topcoder community, this documentary is dedicated to you and your passion. 

Mike Morris


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