February 19, 2021 The Adobe Covid Challenge Series featured on What the Dev podcast

What the Dev is the weekly podcast of Software Development Times (SD Times). Recently, editor-in-chief and host Dave Rubenstein chatted with Vibhor Kapoor, Senior Director of Adobe Document Services. They discussed re-imagining PDFs as a dynamic experience, and why Adobe tapped the Topcoder community to help industries come back stronger from COVID-19. Enjoy the conversation.

Building for Good – The Adobe Covid Challenge Series

Adobe has always believed in the power of collaborative innovation. When they realized there was an opportunity to leverage their suite of tools to help businesses and non-profits who were hard-hit during the pandemic, they turned to Topcoder. The Adobe Document Cloud COVID Challenge Series brought new business applications and concepts to market using the Adobe Document Cloud SDKs and APIs.

During Phase 1, we ramped the talent in our community to Adobe Document services. In Phase 2, we focused on the creation of MVPs with two unique use cases in mind:

  1. Communication: How can Adobe APIs be used to make critical health information more accessible to the public?
  2. Education: How can our tools facilitate more interactive and effective distance education for students and teachers?

Results and what’s next

The challenges drew over 700 participants representing more than 50 countries. The Adobe team was thrilled with the submissions  and plan to host more Topcoder challenges in the future. According to Kapoor, we’re only scratching the surface of the dynamic capabilities offered by PDFs and other Adobe document services. Working with more than 5,000 developers worldwide, the Adobe team is driving further innovation in the space with the creation of new APIs designed to provide a host of additional services to their already extensive suite. 

“Adobe has always stood for collaborative innovation. We believe in building tools and capabilities that our partners and our communities can build on top off.” —Vibhor Kapoor

Annika Nagy

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