July 21, 2020 Accelerate the Journey to 5G: Telecom & On Demand Talent

How do you lead when you can’t see the full path ahead? With technology changing at a breakneck pace, staying on top of disruption isn’t easy. To win in today’s environment, you need faster execution, broader access to talent, and rapid scalability. If there’s any industry that knows how to tackle these problems, it’s telecom. In a hyper-competitive industry that’s always on the brink of innovation, execution means more than completing projects; it means completing visions.

Why Telcos Must Rethink Their Talent Strategy

A hybrid workforce that includes on-demand talent is invaluable for Telcos bridging the gap from CSP to DSP. Being resilient in the face of change and finding a new way to get technology work accomplished is just smart. Topcoder helps Telcos explore, iterate, and test projects faster, smarter, and more cost-effectively than traditional models. 

Do you want to see how Topcoder can bring tangible value to disruptive companies dealing with future technology? Then look no further than Telecommunication companies. T-Mobile uses Topcoder for on-demand design and dev capacity and to build winning B2C applications. These awesome Telcos won innovation awards. And here’s how we like to support our customers who are trailblazers in their field. Topcoder has been helping Telcos breed successful projects and amazing visions.

“Topcoder helps my team deliver better code, faster.”

— Kendrick Burson, Principle Engineer, CSM, CSPO Next-Gen UI for T-Mobile

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This eBook will show you:

  • How Telcos are using Topcoder to provide a strong workforce advantage
  • Why Topcoder creates resiliency and consistent reliability for large-scale projects and atomized tasks
  • Strategies for applying on-demand talent at scale
  • Ways to use Topcoder to design, test, build, and scale projects

“The quality at Topcoder was top notch…. Topcoder can go as deep as you want or as light as you want per your specifications”

Bhanu Mullapudi, T-Mobile
TELECOM & ON-DEMAND TALENT ACCELERATE THE JOURNEY TO 5G. See How Telcos are Using On-Demand Talent to Think Bigger
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