April 28, 2020 Talent Trends Report Spotlight – Part 3

We’ve been exploring the forces shaping workforce transformation in Topcoder’s new Ebook, “7 Talent Trends Driving the Future of Work“. (Read Part 1 and Part 2 here). 

In Part 3 of our blog series, we’re looking more closely at one of those important trends:

Remote Work is the Future

A seismic shift to virtual jobs and gig labor is changing how we view the concept of work. The 21st century has seen a drastic shift to on-demand talent in the B2C sector, and the logical next step is the B2B sector. A recent survey by Business Talent Group supports this, as remote work has more than doubled in the B2B sector over the past year. 

The benefits of a remote workforce go beyond convenience, work-life balance, and better mental health.

Remote workforces:

  • Result in a more engaged, productive workforce
  • Allow businesses to form more diverse and inclusive teams
  • Reduce the negative environmental impact of daily commutes 

The stats back up that remote work is the future. The 2020 State of Remote Work research by Buffer states that 98% of remote workers surveyed would like to continue to work remotely, at least part of the time, for their entire career.

Remote, on-demand talent is a proven, effective model to connect talent with the work they’re most interested in. Businesses that embrace flexible, remote work will grow and thrive as the 21st century.

To learn more about the 7 Talent Trends Driving the Future of Work, download the free Ebook.

Alexa Baray

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