November 13, 2019 Talent as a Service (TaaS): A Brilliant Solution to the Talent Gap

In light of the incredible speed of innovation, specialized tech talent has never been more critical to business success. Yet access to that talent remains frustratingly difficult for many companies. According to the Society for Human Resources Management, 83% of businesses are having trouble recruiting suitable candidates for their open positions, particularly when it comes to filling highly skilled STEM positions.

But is it truly a skilled worker shortage? Perhaps. At Topcoder, we have witnessed an explosion of available talent, with over a million individuals now part of our community which serves businesses and organizations like Microsoft, NASA and Harvard. The truth is more interesting and more solvable:  Talent is out there, but businesses lack consistent access to that talent.

Agile, Scalable Talent On Demand

All it takes is the right technology and infrastructure for companies to connect. For the past 20 years, Topcoder has helped do just that, connecting businesses with emerging on-demand tech experts—coders, designers, and other technologists—solving real-world issues. Today, Topcoder officially launched Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS), a fast, scalable, outcome-based workforce that’s highly flexible and ready to meet business demands.

TaaS is a new way to access a scalable and talented team of coders, QA professionals, designers, data scientists or a combination of the skills your projects call for. With instant access to vetted talent and a managed experience, TaaS is the simplest way to ramp and execute on digital projects, and like all offerings on Topcoder, it is crafted for the enterprise.

A “Go-to Workforce” for Your Digital Projects

The TaaS model has already helped Topcoder clients like ConsenSys—a global blockchain technology company—to build and scale rapidly over the last year. “Talent-as-a-Service from Topcoder allowed us to benefit from on-demand, globally based technologists with specialized skill sets to be a go-to workforce to get projects off the ground and then help complete them,” says Tom Lindeman, Co-founder of ConsenSys Diligence.

With TaaS, ConsenSys tapped highly-skilled technologists focused solely on deliverables and execution, eliminating the cost and hassle of hiring, on-boarding, and managing talent. Topcoder’s sizable talent pool—including over 14,000 highly-skilled members who truly understand development for blockchain projects—helped ConsenSys create scalable solutions across their portfolio of projects. And it allowed ConsenSys the flexibility to scale rapidly, completing more than 50 projects successfully.

“The Topcoder Community demonstrated a shared sense of ownership where they truly cared about the success of the product and would proactively offer input on how to make things better,” says Lindeman. “The Topcoder Community really felt like an integrated part of our team.”

Solving for the Talent Gap? Use TaaS

TaaS is a revolutionary solution for businesses that need unique, customized and flexible talent solutions. To learn more about our TaaS offering and paired services, download our Topcoder TaaS eBook, email us (, or visit our Talent-as-a-Service page.




Kiran Hampapura

TaaS Offering Manager

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