Start Your Topcoder Journey with our New “Getting Started Guide”!

What kind of challenges will I find at Topcoder? What are member benefits? How do I choose my first challenge? What makes Topcoder different? We’ve heard these questions and more from our newest members and we’ve been working hard to compile a great new resource that helps you get started with Topcoder!

The new getting started guide was designed to give you context about how Topcoder works, how to get around as a member, and how to start competing. It’s tailor-made for the beginner, but it’s got updated information for all members – so check it out!


This is our first iteration of this new guide and we do have some enhancements planned. As always, we are listening to your feedback. Let us know what you think and what we might be missing! Do you need more videos? Is there something that is still not quite clear? New members: we especially want to hear more from you about what trips you up so we can continue to provide guidance and clarity. Come chat with us in the forums!

We hope this guide helps you on your journey and gives you what you need to continue with confidence!