November 6, 2018 How to Accelerate Digital Transformation Using Crowdsourced Innovation

How often does a great idea get relegated to the back burner? Without an effective way to implement ideas, companies lose out on opportunities to reduce time to market, launch revolutionary products and tools, and reach new target audiences. Even the most skilled internal teams and winning ideas can fall short without a plan for innovation.
Enter Topcoder and Spigit — partners in crowdsourced innovation. Spigit, the world’s leading provider of full life cycle idea management software, and Topcoder, the global leader in crowdsourcing and the world’s largest talent network, have come together to save good ideas from being abandoned. (And to help create new ones.)

Webinar rewind: accelerating digital transformation using crowdsourced innovation

Recently, Spigit hosted a webinar with our VP of Marketing, Clinton Bonner, where they discussed prioritizing innovation, overcoming bandwidth and talent constraints, and moving beyond ideation. But more specifically:

  • How to leverage crowdsourcing to accelerate innovation — from conjuring transformative ideas through to development and results.
  • The power of a worldwide talent network of designers, developers, and data scientists to test, validate, and deliver on your winning ideas through a design and prototyping sprint.
  • What it takes to adopt an agile methodology, as well as design-first and design thinking practices to ensure a customer-centric focus throughout the process.

Click here to watch the full webinar on demand.

Jiordan Castle

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