August 3, 2021 Speed + Decentralization: The Power and Potential of Edge Computing & 5G

Each week on the Uprisor podcast, Topcoder’s VP of Marketing, Clinton Bonner, connects with thought leaders about what’s up-and-coming in the world of remote work and on-demand talent. This episode features Jeff Tennery, COO at AlefEdge, the 5G Edge API company.

Clinton and Jeff discuss Edge computing and why it matters to the enterprise, the convergence of 5G and Edge, and the power of open communities to drive innovation. Enjoy the conversation and best moments from the episode, below.

What is Edge computing?

Clinton and Jeff kick off by discussing Edge computing, a decentralized network design that brings wireless coverage near-field. Whether applied to enterprise or consumer applications, the microcosms created through Edge work to:

  • Increase speed
  • Decrease latency
  • Improve reliability

Instead of dealing with the macro-networks and their associated problems from major providers like AT&T and Verizon, strategically placed Edge solutions will give enterprises the ability to stand on their own private networks. Tennery believes this will allow companies to accelerate growth in areas previously hindered by slow or unreliable networks and bureaucratic limitations, such as machine-to-machine communications, robotics, etc. 

“It could be internet of things, it could be machine to machine, the possibilities are really endless.” —Jeff Tennery

5G and Edge

Building on the above, Clinton and Jeff dive into exploring the implications of 5G to advance Edge computing motives further. Designed as an enterprise play, Jeff says that combining the extreme speed of 5G with the decentralized Edge environment will condense deployment of solutions that would usually take weeks into a matter of minutes. 

Tennery’s team at AlefEdge has created a suite of APIs that simplify the networking process and help reinstate system control to individual businesses. These include:

  • Connectivity API that enhances network speed
  • Video API that optimizes streaming

They also host a handful of APIs that are more specific to the needs of individual businesses. 

The power of open communities

Clinton and Jeff wrap by highlighting the role open communities play in developing and enhancing solutions like Edge computing. Opportunities provided through projects like the EdgeNet | Topcoder Community, the part-education and part-showcase mashup project from AlefEdge and Topcoder, benefit both contributors and the larger organizations behind them.

Community members get excited to play in the technology sandbox. The sense of ownership established by the hands-on involvement in the venture strengthens feedback loops, improves dialogue, and boosts collective knowledge—all of which bolster project outcomes. 

Tennery says the Topcoder community has been instrumental in galvanizing the AlefEdge APIs and preparing them for commercialization, due largely to the diverse expertise and knowledge-sharing made possible through the partnership. In this space, both Clinton and Jeff agree that collaboration trumps competition.

Thank you to Jeff Tennery for joining us to share his insights on the future of Edge computing, 5G’s role in its advancement, and the power of open communities. As always, check out the Uprisor podcast for more great Future of Work conversations.

“We believe in a million private wireless networks as opposed to three really large, controlled, centralized networks.” – Jeff Tennery

Annika Nagy


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