February 3, 2021 Software Development in the Era of the Passion Economy with Dave Messinger

We talk about the passion economy as those who self-select into freelance work. This episode of our Uprisor podcast series is a special keynote presentation by Topcoder CTO Dave Messenger, recorded in November, 2019 at the Topcoder Open 2019, in Houston, Texas.

Dave  shares wisdom from his nearly two decades in tech, and highlights how the modern SDLC has evolved, and why it is so smart to lace on-demand talent into the SDLC.


  • Test early, test often – keep innovation rolling by incorporating testing and feedback earlier in the development cycle.
  • Passion fuels innovation – Dave uses the example of Facebook and how allowing their employees to choose the projects they work on, rather than assigning them, has led to tremendous success. 
  • Tap into immediate resources –  the passion economy has tremendous potential to accelerate innovation because you can tap into talent immediately whenever you need it, with less friction or lag time.


Dave has twice been a guest on the Uprisor podcast and we love hearing his insights, check out his other episodes below:

Annika Nagy


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