December 17, 2020 Salesforce + Slack: The Impact and Opportunities for Remote Workforces

In this episode of Uprisor, Topcoder CTO Dave Messinger joins us to talk through the recent acquisition of Slack by Salesforce, and what it means for the future of work and remote workforce collaboration. Uprisor is a series of conversations with Future of Work thought leaders about technology and on demand talent. 

Enjoy the conversation and check out highlights below. 

An Acquisition Setting the Stage for Innovation 

Dave is “pretty bullish” that acquiring Slack is a great move for Salesforce. He views the merger as an opportunity for the Founder and CEO of Slack to focus on their product instead of having to compete against major sales reps. Slack could offer an incomparable advantage to Salesforce in the world of innovation of collaboration tools for remote or blended teams. 

“I think this really could be the beginning of another ecosystem of applications ripe for innovation where people can really access enterprise data, have chat around it, and have it in a centralized tool.”–Dave Messinger

Core Collaboration Tool for Your Enterprise

With the continued evolution of collaboration platforms, integrations that smooth workflows have gotten much simpler. Dave identifies data security as one of the major pieces of the process since many companies are already using a cloud-based environment for their data. When working remotely or with on-demand talent, having communications and tooling that are easily accessed and shared with the right people is essential. Clinton and Dave understand this and talk about how the Salesforce-Slack acquisition can be considered a core collaboration tool for companies. The two end the conversation with a list of other tools and platforms that are making collaboration and remote work easier. 

“It’s much easier now to collaborate with people anywhere in the world and set it in a secure fashion, give a lot different people access to your environments and your collaboration tools.” – Dave Messinger

For more of-the-moment Future of Work conversations, check out the Uprisor podcast.

Annika Nagy


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