August 26, 2021 Platform Updates to Improve Gig Workers Experience

We recently released a platform update that drastically improves the user experience for our community. This update makes it easier for members to engage with customer requests, and track their progress as they apply for gig work. It also provides more transparency for members throughout the application and gig process.

What’s New & Improved

  • All new user interface for gig workers, which helps you manage your applications more efficiently
  • Easier for gig workers to see where they stand in the application process and know what to do next
  • Gives gig workers a holistic view of their experience in gig work at Topcoder

Additional Benefits

  • Improved performance of My Gigs pages with faster loading times
  • Faster access to your Active Gigs if you’re on assignment
  • Faster access to your Open Applications if you’re not yet placed in a gig
  • Improvements that help eliminate confusion about pending applications

We hope these updates help create a more enjoyable, useful, and satisfying gig work experience for our community members! Check out these screenshots to see what’s new.


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