December 7, 2020 Opportunity For All: The New Topcoder Purpose Video is Here

The world has changed. Work has changed. Prior to COVID, 1 in 30 customers had 50% or more of their workforce remote. Post COVID, Mercer predicts one in three. Companies worldwide are realizing how their business can not only survive, but thrive with remote workforces. The freelance revolution is large and growing, offering increased opportunities for workers, and reflecting enterprise trends towards flexibility and resilience.

Whether you realize it yet or not, we’ve entered a boundaryless era that requires your attention. The new work model has arrived, and as we close out the year, what better time to share this message of hope and optimism.

We started Topcoder 20 years ago, and we have evolved into a sophisticated community of competitive programmers, developers, and designers tackling and solving your technology problems with enthusiasm, attitude, and style. As you might imagine, we have had a massive influx of veteran members and new members who have engaged over the past eight months. People are home, looking to learn something new, improve their resumes, and of course looking to make money.

Some people will ask, are open talent models fair for the gig worker? Topcoder CEO Michael Morris recently spoke about this at this year’s Innovation Awards. In his words: “Hell yes. Gig workers should get paid handsomely for the outcomes that they create, and they have complete flexibility in how they want to work.” Technology bridges talented workers across any digital divide, and fosters an environment where highly effective humans work together, with all their collective passion, creativity, and grit, to get big things done. Beyond work from home, this is work from anywhere, with everyone, and there’s no going back. 

Annika Nagy

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