August 25, 2021 Open Assembly and the Center for the Transformation of Work

When John Winsor appeared on the Uprisor podcast to talk about open talent adoption, we called him The Godfather of Crowd. He is a pioneer and global authority on open innovation, and the founder & CEO of Open Assembly, a leading organization in the Open Talent Economy. 

Open Assembly helps organizations drive crowdsourcing adoption through content, community, and consulting. They are future of work thought leaders, hosting conversations and connecting organizations and people who want to thrive as digital tools like crowdsourcing, blockchain and artificial intelligence change how we work. 

The Center for the Transformation of Work

Born out of the Open Assembly community, The Center for the Transformation of Work (CTW) is a community dedicated to transforming work into something more open, inclusive, dynamic, and agile. Digital technologies have radically changed – and continue to change at ever increasing rates – the world we live in. But the way we work remains, stubbornly, an artifact of the past.

CTW aligns workers, business leaders, talent platforms, and academics to create a shared narrative and standardization around a new way of working. The goal of the CTW is to create common industry terminology, tools, educational resources, and playbooks in order to help organizations and individuals more easily adopt and benefit from using open talent tools.

Join the Community

The CTW community is open to anyone who is interested in sharing and learning more about the open talent economy. They host calls two times a month to chat about hot topics and trends in the industry, and have enjoyed bringing on special guests including educators and academic researchers, investors, global practitioners, platforms, legal and procurement specialists, DEI leaders, and everything in between. They also host a Clubhouse gathering once a month.

CTW Community Highlights

  • More than 500 members
  • 75-100 avg. attendees on calls
  • Audience includes platform leaders, enterprise leaders and practitioners, consultants, educators and academics interested in collaborating and sharing what they see happening in the open talent economy

The CTW also provides its community members with:

  • An educational library
  • A certification program for practitioners
  • An accreditation program for platforms

CTW welcomes anyone interested to sign up for updates on the CTW website, and you’ll be notified of upcoming calls and events. 

Thought Leadership from Open Assembly

A big part of Open Assembly’s work is putting out thought leadership content—like the new Networked Organization Playbook. This is an awesome, totally free resource that will change how you approach IT staffing. The playbook will show you how to create a repeatable framework for your teams so they can access outside talent whenever they need.

The Center for the Transformation of Work is a community you should consider joining. Pass this on to your leadership and colleagues and go grab the new free world-class ebook right now. No download and no other email required.

Annika Nagy

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