August 20, 2020 On Demand Talent in the Energy Sector – Digital Oil and Gas Podcast

Projects in the energy sector are some of the most complex. They often include working with unusual or challenging data, and the stakes are high in terms of safety and profitability. Topcoder VP Clinton Bonner recently appeared on the Digital Oil and Gas Podcast, which looks at the impact of digital technology on the global oil and gas industry.

The conversation covered creative models for talent, crowd projects in the oil and gas sector, and bringing it all to bear in tackling complex enterprise digital problems. Listen to the conversation and check out a recap below.

In the podcast conversation, Geoff and Clinton discuss:

  • Talent challenges for market leaders 
  • The types of work Topcoder does in oil and gas, including data analytics, in-field applications, and visualizations
  • An example of how a leading oil and gas company used Topcoder for mudlog digitization
  • How oil and gas customers decide which projects to bring to the crowd
  • The oil and gas industry’s reaction to crowdsourcing as a whole, and how B to C adoption has paved the way

Key takeaways from the conversation:

  • Crowdsourcing in the energy sector can provide innovative solutions for enterprises in design, development, integration, testing, and algorithm work
  • In 2020, the table is set for the oil and gas industry to use crowdsourcing to address talent challenges
  • Topcoder talent is trusted, vetted, and has special skill sets that are in high demand
  • Digitization and data analytics are two key areas where oil and gas customers have success with Topcoder

for more case studies in the energy sector and beyond, download our free e-book See What Lies Beyond the Surface: Energy + Topcoder Data Science & Analytics.

Alexa Baray

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