May 7, 2020 The Making of Ognomy—Revolutionizing Sleep Wellness Through Telemedicine

We recently shared that Ognomy, a revolutionary new telemedicine app, went from dream to app MVP in under 4 months. Ognomy allows patients around the world to access critical medical care for sleep issues such as sleep apnea, without the need for a nearby physical sleep center.

Below you can enjoy an in-depth convo featuring: 

Dr. Dan Rifkin — Medical Director of The Sleep Medicine Centers of WNY 

Sam Marrazzo—the Chief Innovation Officer at Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (BNMC)

Clinton Bonner—Topcoder’s VP of Marketing

Kelly MacLeod—Topcoder’s Project Manager for the Ognomy project

Enjoy the video to find out:

  • How the team used Design Thinking workshops to rapidly flesh out concepts.
  • Details of the app sprint process from rough wireframe to tangible product.
  • Why sleep medicine is a great fit for telemedicine and how the Ognomy app serves patients and doctors in one holistic platform.

“My goal, at every moment, was I need a telemedicine platform that integrates my office logistics and operations, and I need it done so I can actually practice medicine because it is the future of medicine.” Dr. Dan Rifkin

We’d like to thank Dr. Rifkin and his team for their passion, creativity, and boldness to push innovation forward during challenging times. Through on-demand talent, the Ognomy team is set to revolutionize sleep wellness through telemedicine.

Do learn more about Ognomy, visit here.

Find out how you can be awesome like Dr. Dan here.

Alexa Baray

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