May 20, 2016 New Topcoder Home Page – Just The Beginning

If you haven’t noticed yet, our Topcoder home page has received a slick new makeover (if you are logged in, you will have to logout to view it)!

Why did we do this?

This new landing page is a step forward in the evolution of Topcoder. It allows brand new customers to login and discover the power of our community and launch challenges that you all want to participate in.


Not only is the new homepage catered to bringing in new customers, but it is also focused on sharing a bit of our community story as well as showcasing the types of design, development, and data science (algorithm) challenges a member can expect to see, while making it easy for you or any new member to get going, right away.


This is a baby step toward a new look for our customers that will be coming soon to a device near you. Your experience, as a logged in member will remain the same! But this is a great opportunity to tell our shared Topcoder story in a more beautiful way to our customers and prospects, which we believe will result in even more great work, challenges and opportunities for you.

As the new customer facing continues to transform, be on the lookout for community stories and highlights we’ll be sharing with our customers and prospects that show the world just how amazing our Topcoder community is.

We would like to give a big thank you to all of the Topcoder members who make this a truly special community and the best crowdsourcing marketplace. A special thanks are in order to those members who were crucial in the design and development of this new homepage.

Do you have any suggestions or comments on the new homepage? Be sure to let us know on this forum thread.


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