September 14, 2018 New Member Profiles – What You Need to Know

We are excited to announce that we have rolled out a wave of updates to our member profile pages and user settings pages.  

This also includes a pretty big shift in the backend that puts us on that nice and shiny API and event driven architecture that we keep mentioning.  One of the key functional additions is the ability to capture and organize additional information about our users.
For example, we now capture info around devices, software, subscriptions, etc. to be able to better match our community to incoming QaaS projects. The more information we get from you, the more work we can bring to the community.
Please note that none of this personal information shows up on your Topcoder public profile – that remains the same.
More detailed release notes can be found here.
We will also be hosting a live Q&A chat with Topcoder admins to walk you through the new profiles and give you the chance to ask any questions you may have. Questions can be logged here if desired.

Thanks to all the Topcoder admins and members that supported this effort and we look forward to you sharing more of your details with us.

Head of Community


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