December 20, 2017 Need Topcoder Support? Best Practices for Help

We wanted to send out a note to all members sharing that our Topcoder support lead, Valerie Bailey, is leaving. She has been an amazing part of our team and we will miss her dearly!
First off, we want to thank Valerie for always being around no matter what time of day to help our members out.
Secondly, we want to let you know what to do going forward if you have any issues or questions. We have a great support team that is ready and willing to help. To ensure your question gets answered swiftly, here are a few best practices.
Emailing Support is where it’s at.
Any and all questions about Topcoder or the website should be sent to This automatically creates a ticket which you can track — plus, you’ll be directly linked to someone who can help.
Direct messages are out!
If you want your question answered, please do not direct message an admin on Slack or email them. With the global community we have, odds are that person may not be up working at the same time as you. Email to get to someone quickly and easily.
Say my name, say my name (channeling our inner Beyonce)!
It’s important that when you do email support, you share your Topcoder handle and any and all pertinent information to your issue, plus screen shots (if relevant). The more info, the faster we can help resolve your issue.
Any whining or complaints will be charged an additional 20%.
Kidding! But really, please try to be kind and respectful. We love hearing from the community and it’s important that you be honest with us — in a respectful way. Always remember our community Code of Conduct.
Thanks in advance for following these best practices. And help us wish Valerie luck on her future endeavors!
The Topcoder Community Team

Head of Community

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