March Madness Marathon Match Series

By in Community Stories March 13, 2019

The Madness has begun! Go and Compete now:

Neptune: Facial Re-Identification Marathon Match

Facial re-id is a cornerstone capability in many forward-looking applications. The ability to not only detect faces, but also distinguish if a face has been seen before has a broad range of applications.

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Neptune: Facial Detection Marathon Match

Facial detection is a problem that has received a significant amount of attention from both the Deep Learning and Biometric communities in the last few years.

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Neptune: Named Entity Recognition Challenge

Named-Entity Recognition (NER) refers to the task of identifying both abstract and physical real-world objects in unstructured text. NER has numerous applications including, but not limited to, search, summarization, and question answering.

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Neptune: Text Summarization Marathon Challenge
Coming soon!

March in the United States is well known across the country as the month of March Madness and the NCAA Basketball tournament. At Topcoder, some of us definitely love cheering on our top college teams in the ultimate showdown to be the champions of college basketball!

However this year at Topcoder, March Madness takes on a whole new identity as we are excited to bring you the March Madness Marathon Match Series! In short, this series will have four sponsored marathon match competitions aka Data Science Competitions happening at the same time that are all computer vision themed!. Madness, right?! Keep reading because you’re going to want to see how mad it gets!

Extra Incentives

Rather than just give you prize money for these matches, we decided to include a whole slew of bonus prizes. Check it out!

Prize money

Every match has its own bucket of prize money up for grabs

One more trip to the 2019 Topcoder Open

That’s right, we are adding one more trip to TCO19 Sponsored Marathon Match trip winning opportunity for this stage. So a total of 2 all-expenses paid trip to the TCO19 Finals from Stage 3.

$3,000 in Bonus Prizes

We are introducing a few special bonus prizes

  • Marathon Match Newbie Bonus
    If you’ve never submitted to a Marathon Match before and have registered on Topcoder before 23:59 UTC-5 March 11, 2019 you could earn $250! Each match will have a $250 newbie bonus given to the newbie with the highest score.

    For all the Competitive Programmers this is a great chance for you try and compete in your first Topcoder Marathon Match.

  • Veteran Bonus
    If you had last submitted in any Sponsored Marathon Match competitions before 00:00 UTC-5 January 1, 2017, you could earn a $250 veteran bonus plus a special Topcoder Veteran T-shirt (with your old famous TC brackets on it)! Each match will have a $250 veteran bonus and t-shirt prize! $250 will be awarded to the veteran with the highest score while we have Veteran T-Shirts for all the veterans who achieve a score above TCO19 Points Threshold (which will be announced in the match forums)

    All the legends – time for you guys to come back and compete again

  • Sponsored Marathon Newbie
    If you’ve never submitted to a Sponsored Marathon Match before but have competed in regular fun Marathon Matches and TCO Rounds, you could earn $250 too! Each match will have a $250 newbie bonus given to the sponsored match newbie with the highest score.

    All the Topcoder Long Round Greats – it’s time for you to try Sponsored Data Science Marathon Matches.

Marathon Match Competition Details

The four marathon matches in this series are all computer vision themed! Each match will attempt to advance the state of the art by taking an existing area in computer vision and breaking down a specific barrier that has, historically, held the technology back in that space.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to participate in the development of one or several computer vision machine learning algorithms.

Each marathon match as part of this series will launch in mid March and last for 2 weeks. Four marathon matches at the same time — see, madness! We hope you’re excited!

Supplementary Resources

Is this your first time participating in a Topcoder Marathon Match? Check these out resources to help you out.

An Introduction

Approaching a Task

Find more resources and information on our marathon matches here.

Best of luck in these marathon matches and we hope you come out on top!