June 14, 2016 Making Crowdsourcing Easier: Topcoder Chrome Extension for GitHub

Even the best development teams sometimes need extra hands or specialized knowledge to move faster, and crowdsourcing with Topcoder is the ideal way to accelerate projects, fill skill gaps, and complete tasks that bog your team down.

This week we launched a lightweight Chrome extension that makes it easier than ever to extend your development team with crowdsourcing. The extension works where your team works—within code development and project management tools like GitHub—so no extra tools or resources are needed to make the Topcoder Community part of your development team.

Topcoder + GitHub = Getting More Done

GitHub is the premium platform for social coding, and Topcoder is the premier platform for crowdsourced software development. Put them together with an extension that bridges both platforms, and your project issues and requirements can be seamlessly turned into draft crowdsourcing challenges in the Topcoder Marketplace.

Developers select the issues they want the Topcoder Community to work on, and with the click of a button the extension turns the contents of the issue ticket into ready-to-launch challenges. Each draft challenge is assigned a Topcoder copilot to launch and manage the competition, and the Topcoder Community member who meets the requirements and wins the competition merges his or her solution back into the code base with a reference to the issue.

Get Started

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Topcoder can help you get more done faster—and from the same tools your team uses today.

If you’re a Topcoder copilot or current Topcoder customer, check out the new Topcoder Chrome Extension page in the Help Center for additional details on installation and use.


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