March 21, 2018 Make The World A Better Place: Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon

Attention Blockchain enthusiasts! We are soon launching the $50,000 Blockchain for Social Impact Hackathon!

An overview of the challenge concept

It will be a 6 week program stretching from April 9, 2018 – May 21, 2018. It is going to follow the traditional hackathon format to ideate and prototype blockchain-based solutions for addressing social and environmental challenges.
It is technically an Incubator – instead of Hackathon – because you are expected to go beyond coding and build actual, deployable solution(s) on the ground.
During the competition, you will form teams, and choose your area of interest from the below segments (sub-challenges):

  • Refugees
  • Democracy
  • Hardware
  • Agriculture

A look at what you can win:

  • $10k for winners, $2.5k for runner-ups.
  • Business development training for all winning teams to accelerate solutions beyond PoC stage.
  • Exposure and visibility across BSIC channels, networks, and more.
  • Opportunity to showcase their solutions in front of the most reputable impact investors, NGOs, philanthropists, charities during conference in June in Washington, DC.

Dates you should mark in your calendars:

Registration and Team Formation:‌ March 21st – April 9th
Competition:‌ April 9th – May 21st
Judging:‌ May 21st – June 4th
Winners Announced:‌ June 4th
During the challenge, you will study human landscape, design business models, and define impact metrics. Winning projects will receive grants and training to support continued development.
For more details on the challenge and to register, click here.

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