July 18, 2019 ConsenSys and Topcoder: Offering Blockchain Skills, On-Demand

Technology is always changing, and there’s always someone at the forefront of that change. These days, that person is Tom Lindeman, co-founder of ConsenSys and a leader in the blockchain revolution.

Blockchain technology will be the foundation that allows us to progress to the next generation of the Web, says the ConsenSys’ vision: We are at the early phases of adoption of an entirely new wave of technology that will fundamentally disrupt every industry, 

ConsenSys Turns to Topcoder for a Unique Collaboration

Lindeman reached out to Topcoder to collaborate at this edge of technology, working with experts within Topcoder’s community who were highly skilled in the Ethereum Blockchain/security space to pilot innovative projects and implement new software languages “We gained access to resources from people around the world that there’s no way we could have found,” says Lindeman of the talent ConsenSys has been able to access through Topcoder. With Topcoder’s help, ConsenSys finished high-quality projects faster than ever. “The velocity of the process is really fast,” says Lindeman. “It’s days, not weeks or months.” In a conversation with Topcoder, Lindeman shared additional highlights from the Topcoder-ConsenSys collaboration. 

    • ConsenSys and Topcoder have completed well over 50 separate projects together in just over a year. 


    • The velocity for turnaround was remarkably fast: days, not weeks or months.


    • ConsenSys was able to target specific individuals in the Topcoder community with particular interest in what they were doing 


    • The team at ConsenSys was most impacted by how Topcoder’s experts made them feel; as if they were all on the same team, working toward the same goals, with the same levels of investment. 


  • ConsenSys has more large projects and product pipelines, with many deadlines upcoming.  

To find out more, listen to Lindeman in the following two-and-a-half-minute video. 


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Lindeman’s experience shows that it’s possible when working with Topcoder to gain in quality as well as quantity. Topcoder puts the right resources in front of you that are able to connect you with experts in all corners of the world. “I’ve worked with outsourcing companies before, and you get exactly what you write down, and that’s it,” says Lindeman. “But the Topcoder community has this sense of shared ownership where they really cared about the success of the product.” 

If you’re looking for a seamless solution that lets you expand your vision with the power of a global workforce, you’ve come to the right place. Check out Topcoder’s on-demand digital solutions at scale. From testers to designers, we’ve got your back so you, as well as your team, can get back to focusing on the big picture.

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