February 10, 2021 Make a Positive Change for our Environment and For You

It is our responsibility at Topcoder to always make sure we are providing opportunities to our community to keep learning and growing. It is also important that we always bring you opportunities that can not only give that growth professionally but also personally.

Yellowstone Ecological Research Center (YERC) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to put community science to work for conservation success in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and beyond. Our Crowd for Good partnership with YERC is asking our community to volunteer their time and talents in support of this worthy cause.

What does this do for YERC?

YERC’s platform, Ecosystem Prognosis, Impacts, and Information Cooperative, (EPIIC) will be an open source, collaborative effort built on scalable, cloud-based services, to be used by people around the world to help ecosystems around the world in need of protection and restoration.

What’s in it for our community?

  1. Use your skills to help preserve wildlife and ecosystems.
  2. Win incredible prizes from the Yellowstone Ecological Research Center.
  3. Receive credit for your contributions on the YERC EPIIC site.
  4. Build up your TCO Points.
  5. Enhance your CV/resume and portfolio with this environment-focused project.

Most importantly, it’s about doing something good for our earth, our environment, and the many animals living at Yellowstone and across the globe. 

Maybe you’d like to get started at Topcoder competitions and this is a great way to start. Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to do good deeds. Or maybe your soul needs a makeover and being a part of something that truly matters can be that thing.

Whatever the reason is, help us help YERC to make a difference in our world. 

Head of Community

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