September 23, 2014 Learn Golang with the 'Go Learning Challenge' Series

I believe many of you are enjoying our Swift challenges. I know Swift is new and shiny but I imagine there are some people who prefer to write backend logics more than building apps.

For you guys, especially for backend engineers who would like to learn something new, we’ve decided to launch a ‘Go Learning Challenges’ series. The language is getting popular and it fits very well when you write backend logics so this will be a great opportunity for you to understand the basics of how to write Go.

We have 2 stages for this series:

Learn the basics

We are planning a few challenges for you to understand the basics of Golang. You will be given some simple algorithm problems to solve, we’ve picked them from actual SRM problems — enjoy topcoder algorithm world!

Develop backend services with Golang

Since Golang is for writing some backend logics, we will have you get familiar with the typical usage of Golang. You will be developing some backend services such as a simple Web-API server and a Cache Service like Memcached.

If you go through those challenges, you can expect that you will be ready to use Golang to produce something real. Don’t miss this precious opportunity to get yourself ramped up for a new technology, while getting paid!

The first challenge of this series is planned to launch on September 24th, so don’t miss it!

Moreover, after this learning challenge series we will actually be launching some real world Golang challenges. You will be able to fully utilize the Golang skills that you just equipped to earn some prize money!

New to Golang? Check out our Jeff Douglas’s blog posts to get yourself started:

Ready… Set… Golang!
Tutorial – Building Go Web Apps
Deploying Go Apps with Docker to Elastic Beanstalk

Golang also as nice tutorials, so I recommend that you go through them for the upcoming challenges!

Have fun and stay tuned!


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