July 16, 2014 Ready… Set… Golang!

golangThe Interwebs releases new stuff every day. I can't open reddit or a technology newsletter without being bombarded by 13 new JavaScript frameworks released today, a cooler templating language or a new better, faster build tool to make my life easier. Don't get me wrong… I like new, shiny stuff but you can't jump on every new technology that comes along.

One technology we've been keeping our eyes on for a while is the Go programming language. Our buddy Donnie Berkholz at RedMonk has a great article entitled, Go: the emerging language of cloud infrastructure that talks about the increased popularity of Go and the companies that are embracing it. I attended the Cloud Foundry Summit a couple of weeks ago and they were describing their process of porting major portions of their backend from Ruby to Go. They presented a very compelling case for Go.

It looks like I'm going to get the chance to really dig into Go as we are kicking off a number of Go challenges to get members up to speed.

We are hearing "Go" in more and more conversations with customers and have a couple of challenges in the pipeline the optionally use it. We want to make sure that you guys are ready for the excitement so we want to start ramping you up now.

We are going start out with some tutorial blog posts and "getting started" challenges that will eventually lead into some real work. All for money and bragging rights of course.


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