March 14, 2020 Keeping Digital and Technology Execution Strong During Coronavirus with On-Demand Talent

There isn’t an easy way to state it, so let’s put it on the table. Coronavirus is a black swan that has disrupted the global economy, healthcare, higher ed, services, small businesses, and the enterprise. There will be more pain and of course, there are humans, likely folks you will know, who will be directly impacted by the virus, if this isn’t already the case. That’s our reality and the landscape for work has changed.

Some of the largest technology companies in the world like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and others are telling their employees in certain regions, stay home. Work from home is a sudden shift for many and even as most of the global market roils, there’s always opportunity if you’ve got the right tools at the right time. Just look at how Zoom is performing.

Keeping going, staying productive and effective, pushing ahead despite change… it’s kinda what we do, right?

Being resilient in the face of change and finding a new way to get technology work accomplished is just smart.

It was smart before the virus and now, you might find it a necessity. 

What I think is best to share with you right now is how others are using on-demand talent on the Topcoder platform to keep productivity high and to keep executing on digital projects.

Microsoft uses Wipro + Topcoder for 24-hour QA test cycles on their extraordinarily popular Teams collaboration suite.

T-Mobile uses Topcoder for on-demand design and dev capacity to accelerate projects, POCs, and to help move features and products to internal and external markets, faster.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute along with Harvard use Topcoder to create AI-powered computer vision algorithms to help more effectively treat lung cancer patients.

Fear and all virus-based speculation aside, we’ve experienced a legitimate change. As you think through remote work policies and attempt to keep productivity and technology execution high, we welcome any discussions around how on-demand, virtual talent can work for your team now, and well after this health crisis has ended.

If we can help you avoid disruption with virtual, on-demand talent – LET US KNOW 

VP, Marketing

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