February 22, 2016 January Fun Hackathon Winners

On January 15th we had launched Episode 4 of our Fun Hackathon Challenge series. This challenge saw 50 registrants and 3 submissions. This time around we can say that everyone who submitted is a winner and will be receiving their Fun Hackathon Winner shirts soon!

About Episode 4

This Fun Hackathon Challenge required all participants to create an application that used the Marvel API and the Rolz API. Although the theme of the Hackathon was to create a game using these APIs, some participants decided to create a way to display information about different super heroes using a dice to randomly pick a character.
Let’s view our submissions!

1st place – method76

This submission captured the essence of what this challenge was about. It sounds like Yut-Nori is a popular game in Korea and method76 took that idea and turned it into a Marvel Superhero game! Nice graphics and good use of the Rolz API even adding in animations.

Marvel Yut-Nori


2nd place – amanonymous

This app was a neat way to learn more about your favorite Marvel characters. This app earned second place for being visually appealing and functional. I particularly enjoyed having the dice icon that would give me an opportunity to learn about a random character.

Marvel App


3rd place – kmalhotra

Surprise Surprise! We see veteran Fun Hackathon participant, kmalhotra make another appearance in the top 3. His app was an informational app as well and he did use the APIs that were required, but felt as though he could have made the application a bit more user friendly. His appearance for the 4th time has earned him a personal interview with me, so keep an eye out for a blog post where I chat with kmalhotra!

I think I can speak for all of our submitters and maybe even some of our registrants when I said we had a fun time getting creative and exploring new APIs. I always look forward to bringing you all interesting APIs and combinations so that you can learn and create fun prototypes. Have an API you want to see in the Hackathon? Go to this forum thread and post your favorite and you might see it in an upcoming Hackathon! Next one begins March 1st, so get ready for another month of fun!


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