March 13, 2015 IWD Spotlights – [sdgun]

Say hello to Dilhani Gunawardhana, also known as Sdgun. Dilhani is the queen of our bug hunt competitions in the software development track. She is extremely competitive and will do everything she can to win every bug hunt regardless of size. She is from Sri Lanka and has been an active member of our community for 3 years.

Read on to learn more about Sdgun’s story

Q. How and why did you join Topcoder?

I was looking for some freelance work, both to support my financial status and as a hobby. I came across Topcoder through a friend of mine and soon found out that it is different from other freelance communities due to the way the competitions are handled which lets even new members to easily comprehend the process and win the contests if they are really skillful.

Q. What was it that first attracted you to the technology field?

I was greatly influenced to pursue my studies in the technology field during my college years. We had some prominent, tech-savvy figures in my college.

Q. How did you acquire the skills you needed?

Internet was my first and foremost guide in most of the situations. The amount of help and resources available is vast and it is the easiest way to get help at any time.

Q. What are you working on now that excites you?

My utmost interest at the moment is on Bug Hunt contests. I am also trying out Wireframe, UI prototype, and Assembly contests and hope to compete in those tracks in the near future.

Q. What are your best words of wisdom for other girls/women starting out in technology field?

There are endless possibilities in the field of technology, come find your niche.

Q. What can be done to encourage more girls/women to pursue technical careers?

Companies should focus on creating gender neutral environments. I believe exposure and information about the opportunities that exist in the business are also key aspects in encouraging more women to pursue technical careers.

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