July 13, 2020 Introducing: The Uprisor Podcast

We’re excited to announce the launch of The Uprisor Podcast—a unique future of work discussion crafted for enterprise leaders and doers. The future of work isn’t some distant future, it’s happening now. The Uprisor podcast explores the forces and trends driving the evolution of how the world works.

As enterprises figure out “next”, I’ll share the five reasons why Topcoder believes the future of work is on-demand and rooted in the trust. Listen to the podcast and discover the key take aways below.

5 Reasons You Need a New Workforce Strategy

A talent strategy that blends FTEs, contractors, and on-demand talent (aka crowd) is most effective in these ways:

1) Efficiency – the right work and work elements to the right talent in a timely manner drive incredible efficiency.

2) Speed – this combo of FT (traditional talent) + on-demand talent collapses start times and condenses production schedules. You will be faster to market.

3) Experimentation (Innovation) – this strategic talent blend provides a CTO/CIO/CDO or Transformation Officer the ability to perform all critical path work AND rabidly experiment at scale. It’s a must to continuously push new ideas into prototypes, MVPs, and to market.

4) Resiliency – Disruption happens. We easily forget that in the last 20 years there have been three major disruptions. Blending on-demand talent into your workforce strategy greatly increases your ability to shift and to keep producing through disruption.

5) Diversity – HCM and HR executives find that more diverse teams are stronger in marketing, creativity (innovation), customer service (and many other key areas), and help form much stronger organizational cultures. Blending on-demand talent into your workforce strategy innately brings outside thoughts, perspectives, and experiences into your org. It makes you stronger and overall, more effective.

Talent is no longer zero-sum as long as your “next” workforce strategy takes this opportunity to change.

Want to join the conversation? Listen to the Uprisor podcast and get notified about new episodes here.

Parts of this article originally appeared here.

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